Friday, January 29, 2010

It's a special Birthday!

For the 27th year in a row we are celebrating an important occasion in tribute to one of the world most lamest dudes ever.

It's the.....


It's simple! Just come on over to MNEP SS15. Opposite Asia Cafe, highest floor above Starbucks. No cover but your kind donation in the form of expensive gifts are certainly appreciated. And of course free flow of KOREAN SOJU and DUTCH BEER, while stock last of course as i am not that loaded. Also that I am not kiamsiap, I will be buying quite a lot.

But in case drinks run out:-

1 bucket Carlsberg/Tiger for RM40 (5 bottles)
1 tower Carlsberg/Tiger for RM55
Heinekens for RM11 per bottle / RM50 per bucket
1 bottle of 1 liter JD, Black Label or Chivas RM220 (pre-order)
Red Wine MNEP Selecta RM75
Jin-ro Soju Import Giant Size 1500ml RM75
Vodka Calafe Cocktail Large RM30

10% discount on our clothings with any purchase

Featuring music by:-
Choo-B (A really good looking DJ)
Shaun Christopher Ellis @ Diddlez
John Olsen @ Rasta Rocket (Mauritius)
CJ @ DJ Souljah (Coco Banana) and MC BraZZ
DJ Cash
Sharky @ Leonard Sinclair

and many many berlambak more.

Rule and Regulations:-
1) Strictly no LALA's allowed
2) Ah Bengs are prohibited
3) Guest are not allowed to disagree that Jay Chou is a faggot/loser/pusy/ahole/muthafucka/shit etc. Fans of Jay Chou are not allowed.
4) No complains/rants about wtf Dj's are playing (even if its bollywood)
5) Puke only in toilet bowl
6) Additional "substances" must be shared
7) No shufflers are allowed. Crowd is all allowed to beat up shufflers til their heads bleed. MNEP will not be held responsible for any injuries.
8) Pole dancers will have to bring their own poles.
9) Magicians can are not allowed to perform my routines.
10) Fights are only allowed outside the MNEP compound.
11) All cigars smoked in MNEP compound should only be either manufactured from Dominican Republic or Cuba.
12) Outside bottles will be charged corkage (1 liter RM60 but we'll include mixers and ice)
13) If in any occasion, where there is an informal discussion about DOTA, CS or any other computer games, guest will be escorted out of MNEP premises.
14) Those being emo about past relationships and ex problems will be charged a fine of RM100.
15) Bikers will have to leave their keys with me.
16) Those fiddling around with their Blackberry for more than 3 minutes non stop will have to pay a fine of RM100.
17) Take turns on the XBOX.
18) Respect!

Start's after 10pm til late. Come, but down look highly upon yourself. We still can have fun without u, so stop being a snob. Nuff said.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 has been pretty insane. It's been such so fun to take a day of party planning to attend actual parties by other people. Last week has been an almost completely everyday party with many different events such as the launch of OPERA at Sunway, Jesz/Birthday/Xmas Party and also Estee's Birthday on boxing day. We're sure to have something up on the 31st too.

GOT TALENT would like to deeply thank Estee for having us throw you a party
at MNEP Subang Jaya. The party started with smooth sexy beach house for music and progressed to the hardest and latest of Rnb and hip hop, sounds of the crowd's favorite. Drinks came in four varieties: Black Label, Chivas, J.D and all MNEP all time favorite beer. With nice sweet munchies such as marshmallows, m&ms and savory treats such as chicken wings and nachos, balance with great people and fun-loving environment: this is such an awesome party!

Well Estee, it can only be that great coz you turn 21 only once. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To check photos of Estee's B'day just clink the link below:-

Do also check out our other parties updates by adding me on my FB albums. Finally,


Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Boils and ghouls,
Unlike most peeps who prefer getting stuck in a massive jam just for and reach just in time to party for 2 hours, we are staying back in the comfort of our hometown Subang Jaya. GOT TALENT is collaborating with BLACKLOVE this 31st Oct 09 to throw our fine blend of Halloween Treat!

Pumpkins and Costumes? Yeah sure, but not just that. It'll be music by upcoming Djs, booze, tattoos and gruesome hardcore action.

So gear up with ya costumes and head on to MNEP, located on the highest floor of Starbucks SS15 opposite Asia Cafe.
*IMPORTANT* FREE entry and drinks for ladies. Party will end at 6 a.m. *grin*
For more info:-
With lust,
GT's Cryptkeeper

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Invading Subang!


Mars to Earth *Beep Beep*. The boys of Calypso, DIDDLEZ (Malaysia) and RASTAROCKET(Mauritius) will be invading MNEP SS15 with their latest mix of Electronic Dance Music that will blast your brains and fly you to outerspace.

Launch Time: 24th Oct 2009, 9PM onwards til late.
Coordinates: MNEP, Top Level of Starbucks SS15 (opp Asia Cafe)
Fuel charges: RM16 on the door plus one drink. Free for ladies.

Free drink for fellow female earthlings.

Do not miss it. PREPARED TO BE ZAP!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This Saturday 10th Oct 2009, we'll be counting down to Thoriq Azmi @ DJ TAREEQ's 20th Birthday at MNEP @ The Burrow SS15 (2 Floors on top of Starbucks opposite Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya).
Well, wether you know him or nort, it doesn't matter as all is invited. N0 COVER CHARGE.
Bring your own bottle (BYOB) : A corkage of RM60 will be charged for mixers, ice etc.
Beer: RM11 per Tiger, RM12 per Heineken, RM50 per bucket of 5.
And best of all, he will be punished on the decks, spinning his good ole electronic music all night long.
*HINT* We have some guest DJ's too.
C'mon down and join us!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Like they said, this ain't no MJ Fan Tribute. We are throwing a party for no f**king reason. Yes you heard me, no mother f**king reason! Next Friday in collaboration with MNEP and BLACKLOVE, GOT TALENT will be bringing you the most ridiculous fun JUS4FUX!

Ticket Charge: RM15 plus one BEER!
Tiger Bottle at RM11 each; Heineken Bottle at RM12 each.
Bottles like JD, Black Label etc: Pre-order.
BYOB: Corkage charge of RM60 including ice and mixers.

FREE entrance for Ladies. And yes, We'll throw in 2 free cocktails as well.

Don't know the place? MNEP is on the 3rd Floor of Starbucks ss15 (Opposite SS15)

Music me KASH and "ME?"

Tattoos by our special guest artist starting from RM100 only.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Initially started as an experiment, COLLAPSE featured 4 different local and international DJs. This collaboration of EDM from smooth listening progressive to hard hitting electro and techno sounds have received tremendous positive response from the musically sensitive party-goers.

This month, we're bringing you "COLLAPSE: VOLUME TWO". In this second series, we will be featuring for the first time in GT's history, our first female DJ performer LING @ HEYHEYHEY and fresh FROZENSTEPS who have made a name in the local private party scene even getting large events in Johor clubs.

Come and watch us tear down the dancefloor with the hottest mixes this 28th August 2009 at CLUB 9 & the SIX LOUNGE, Heritage Row KL. It'll be the only pre-merdeka party you'll remember! Pre-sale tickets are only RM20 including 1 drink.

For more info on ticket purchases, reservation, promotions and info please email or call Choo at 0123336948.

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